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F A Q 's

  • How can I book a table?
    To book into a Karen's Diner Dublin press here: If no availability is showing this means we are fully booked. If this happens you can try to walk-in and pay on the door, but please note we cannot guarantee a seat and there may be long wait times.
  • Can I walk in & pay on the door?
    We can't stop you... but you must book online for a table. We are extremely busy (go us) and therefore we are unable to provide a table unless you have booked! It's not hard Karen!
  • Is there a minimum age to attend?
    With Karen's Diner on Tour, we require under 18's to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, both attendees should have a ticket, they must also leave the venue by 7pm. Please note that language may be offensive and inappropriate - we do encourage over 18's only.
  • I'm a Karen
    Welcome home Kaz. If your name is actually Karen then flash your ID for a dessert/drink (depending on license) on us. If you're a Karen by nature not name, come on down hun.
  • Are there any rules?
    Yes, even Karen's have rules. See our rules page and get familiar!
  • How do I book for 7+ people?
    Please send us a chat request.
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